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Dr. Horrible -- With My Freeze Ray -- Guitar Chords Tabs

If you've not seen and enjoyed the newest Joss Whedon creation [Dr. Horrible](, you should certainly check it out. What can be better than a musical with Neil Patrick Harris? I've spent a bit of time to write out the lyrics and guitar chords/tabs to the first song that appears in Act I which I would imagine is entitled: "With My Freeze Ray" The chords aren't by any means perfect, but if you fake like I do on the piano you'll have no problem convincing people you're right. Intro -- 4 beats to each chord, right hand stays positioned on G for the first 3 chords
C G6/B Am G
C G6/B Am G
C            G6/B              Am            G
 Laundry day,    See you there,  Underthings, Tumbling
C            G6/B                  Am           G
 Wanna say,      "Love your hair,"   Here I go:  Mumbling
F                          C     G6/B
 With my freeze ray I will Stop,   The World.
F                          Ab               D
 With my freeze ray I will Find the time to find the words to
C              G6/B             Am             G
  Tell you how     How you make   Make me feel  What's the phrase
C              G6/B             Am             G
  Like a fool      Kinda sick     Special needs Anyways
F                          C     G6/B
 With my freeze ray I will Stop,   The Pain.
F                           Ab                 D
 It's not a death ray or an Ice Beam that's so johnny snow
F                      D 
 I just think you need time to know
that I'm the guy to make it real
the feelings you don't dare to feel
I'll bend the world to our will
    C                     D    Eb
and we'll make time stand sti- ll
C G6/B Am G
C                 G6/B                Am            G
 That's the plan,     Rule the world,   You and me,  Anyday
C                G6/B     Am     G
 Love your hair,     ....   ....  Anyway
F                           C
 With my freeze ray I will,  Stop

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