Dr. Horrible -- With My Freeze Ray -- Guitar Chords Tabs

16 Jun 2008

Ataraxia Consulting

If you’ve not seen and enjoyed the newest Joss Whedon creation Dr. Horrible, you should certainly check it out. What can be better than a musical with Neil Patrick Harris? I’ve spent a bit of time to write out the lyrics and guitar chords/tabs to the first song that appears in Act I which I would imagine is entitled: “With My Freeze Ray” The chords aren’t by any means perfect, but if you fake like I do on the piano you’ll have no problem convincing people you’re right.

Intro – 4 beats to each chord, right hand stays positioned on G for the first 3 chords

C G6/B Am G
C G6/B Am G
C            G6/B              Am            G
 Laundry day,    See you there,  Underthings, Tumbling
C            G6/B                  Am           G
 Wanna say,      "Love your hair,"   Here I go:  Mumbling
F                          C     G6/B
 With my freeze ray I will Stop,   The World.
F                          Ab               D
 With my freeze ray I will Find the time to find the words to
C              G6/B             Am             G
  Tell you how     How you make   Make me feel  What's the phrase
C              G6/B             Am             G
  Like a fool      Kinda sick     Special needs Anyways
F                          C     G6/B
 With my freeze ray I will Stop,   The Pain.
F                           Ab                 D
 It's not a death ray or an Ice Beam that's so johnny snow
F                      D 
 I just think you need time to know
that I'm the guy to make it real
the feelings you don't dare to feel
I'll bend the world to our will
    C                     D    Eb
and we'll make time stand sti- ll
C G6/B Am G
C                 G6/B                Am            G
 That's the plan,     Rule the world,   You and me,  Anyday
C                G6/B     Am     G
 Love your hair,     ....   ....  Anyway
F                           C
 With my freeze ray I will,  Stop