Steve Earle -- Every Part Of Me

29 Apr 2011

Ataraxia Consulting

Steve Earle recently released a new album entitled “I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive” (the title of an old Hank Williams song). I’m particularly infatuated with this album. Mostly for its simplicity. All the songs were recorded live, with little overdubbing. Just reinforcing that music doesn’t have to be complicated and layered to be enjoyable and moving. The song that represents this ethos the best is “Every Part Of Me”, the following are the lyrics and chords as I interpret them. Here’s a video with him performing it and a brief audio clip of me playing the two major themes.

Every Part Of Me
Steve Earle
I'll Never Leave This World Alive
[C] [G] [Am] [G] [C]
[C]I love you with all my heart
[G]all my soul [Am]every [G]part of me
[C]it's all I can do to mark
[G]where you end and [Am]where I [G]start you see
[Am]living long in [G/B]my travails
I [C]left a trail of [G/B]tears behind me
[Am]been in love so [G]many times
didn't [F]think this kind would [Am]ever [G]find me
[C]I love you with everything
[G]all my weakness [Am]all my [G]strength
[C]I can't promise anything
[G]except that my last [Am]breath will [G]bear your name
[Am]and when I'm gone they'll [G/B]sing a song
a[C]bout a lonely [G/B]fool who wandered
[Am]around the world and [G]back again
[F]but in the end he [Am]finally [G]found her
[C]I love you with all my heart
[G]all my soul and [Am]every [G]part of me
[C] [G] [Am] [G]
[C] [G] [Am] [G]
[Am]cross the univer[G/B]se I'll spin
un[C]til the ending and [G/B]then I wonder
[Am]if we should get a[G]nother chance
could [F]I have that dance
for[Am]ever [G]under
[C]a double moon and sky lit stars
[G]shining down on [Am]where you [G]are
[C]and I love you with all my heart
[G]all my soul and [Am]every [G]part of me
[C] [G] [Am] [G] [C]